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Donations and Volunteering

Posted on February 16, 2016 at 10:21 PM Comments comments (3)
We would like to say a very grateful thank you to all our clients.  Your patronage is greatly appreciated.  As a result of your business, we were able to make small donations to a few charities. We did Plan Canada which will provided a few different gifts for those in need. We were able to donate toward a goat for milking, baby chickens for raising, breakfast for hungry kids going to school, school essentials, a quinoa project which gets seeds, helps communities with growing, harvesting and making useful, nutritious meals as well as endless harvest. This provides seeds, tools and knowledge on how to grow crops to help take care of a community and provide a source of food and revenue. 

We donated to the Mustard seed as well which helps out those in need with food, shelter and clothing.  There can be cash donations as well as volunteer opportunities. Every little bit helps and a small donation can make a big difference. Giving of yourselves will do more for you than for those you volunteer to help.

We also made a small donation to Ronald McDonald House.  This wonderful facility helps out families with a close place to stay while their children are being treated across the street at the Children's Hospital.  It is such a big help to those families who use it.  They also have volunteer opportunities and I was fortunate enough to participate last year.

We encourage all to give of your time and resources.  Most folks would like to help out more and sometimes feel what they can give may not make an impact.  To those being helped, every bit counts so get out there and help in whatever way you can to make stronger communities.

We look forward to being able to do more and encourage everyone to help out it whatever way you can. 

For our clients, thank you again for your business.  It made these small gifts possible and we look forward to being able to do more to help our greater community.